Employee Story Michael ­Wiggenhauser, ­Engineering office Doing great things together

Michael has been working in the Engineering office since 2016. He is responsible for the E3 script programming and for the cable area. In his free time, he and friends take part in a rally in the Nordkapp as a team.

The Rally Adventure Team from Mittelbuch starts in February 2020 for a good cause on the Nordkapp. Preparations are already under way. It is hard working and tinkering to tune the Mitsubishi Pajero, built in 2001 for the Baltic Sea Tour.

The rally is a 7500 km long winter road trip through 10 countries. It goes up to the Arctic Circle and once to the Baltic Sea. Excitement will definitely be required, because GPS and all electronic helpers and navigation systems have to stay at home.

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In a charity campaign, each team has to collect at least 750 euros in donations by the time they cross the finish line. Michael Wiggenhauser's Adventure Team decided on the Radio7 Drachenkinder donation project. You are welcome to support and collect. Visit the motorsport enthusiasts Mittelbucher on their homepage (www.adventure-team-mittelbuch.de), Facebook and Instagram (@adventureteammittelbuch). Here you can find out everything about Michael Wiggenhauser's crew.

It will be interesting to see how the team performs at the Baltic Sea Circle and what kind of adventurous stories they bring home with them in the trunk.