Extreme air exchange, sudden humidity, frost - a clear view in spite of various influences is essential for a bus driver's workplace. In public transport, drivers must be able to fully rely on their vehicle. They have a great responsibility for their passengers. The protection of the passengers as well as the securing of a regular operation have top priority. Technical components from Wölfle ensure maximum comfort and safety for passengers and drivers.

  • 50.000 ­Front boxes

    Success production

  • 30 years

    experience in the Bus sector

  • Highly intelligent battery cooling

    since 2013

  • Special valves

    for the heating circuit

  • Heating and air conditioning systems

    • Battery cooling
    • Front box
  • Electronics

    • Heating / air conditioning control unit

Battery cooling and ­thermal management

In order to achieve a long service life for Li-Po cells, their temperature must be kept constant (<1° K) and homogeneous. In the case of battery cooling with integrated thermal management, this can be done with minimal use of additional energy.

Front box

The front box is made of stainless steel and is therefore extremely corrosion-resistant. The customised built-in system fits perfectly into the respective installation space.

Heating / air conditioning control unit

Thanks to the black anodised aluminium cover, the control unit is very high quality and robust. Thanks to the light guide film, the buttons can also be operated under difficult lighting conditions. The control unit is rounded off by a TFT display on which all relevant functions can be seen.

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