Fire, smoke and pure adrenaline - fire-fighters go to their limits every day to save human lives and to protect buildings and facilities. Due to the hectic pace and the high mental and physical strain, the whole crew must be able to rely on their emergency vehicles without exception. Wölfle components work perfectly when it comes to the job and every minute counts.

  • Every second counts

    Our components work perfectly

  • 100%

    Simple and reliable operation

  • First developer

    with FireCAN control unit

  • First crew cab

    according to ECE R29 standard

  • Cabs

    • Crew cab
  • Electronics

    • Control unit
    • Operating unit with control unit
  • Electrics

    • Control unit light mast

Crew cab

The perfect place of retreat after a tough job. It impresses with its modularity and adaptability and can thus be used to equip a wide variety of vehicle types. Production takes place according to customer requirements and in the product mix for final production at the vehicle manufacturer.

Control unit

Control units for fire service applications are designed for extreme operations. They work simply and intuitively and, thanks to their design, can also be operated safely and reliably with protective gloves. The operating systems PRM1050 and 550 are as flexible as in individual production, so that individual assignment of the functions is possible. At the same time, feel, quality and reliability correspond to series production.

Operating unit with control unit

Operation remains easy and reliable to control even under extreme conditions. Wölfle has expertise in automotive components, such as: an engine control unit to be integrated.

Control unit light mast

This control unit fulfils all fire protection requirements even with small quantities and was developed with a minimal budget.

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