Icy temperatures and crunching snow cover - special vehicles and their drivers are exposed to extreme working conditions. This is exactly where you should be able to rely on powerful and, above all, absolutely safe technology! With the built-in Wölfle technology, you can give the cold shoulder to even the most difficult working conditions when used on steep slopes, on unclear terrain, in wind and weather as well as when there are significant temperature differences!

  • Our High-End-Central electric

    Long product life thanks to future-proof components

  • Maximum ­flexibility

    for change requests

  • South Pole

    Applications to the end of the world

  • Flexibility and ­quality

    we live it

  • Heating and air conditioning systems

    • Heating and air conditioning
  • Electrics

    • Central electric distribution box
  • Cabs

    • Driver cab


At operating temperatures in the double-digit minus range and/or when there is a lot of sunshine, the cab remains at an optimal temperature and is reliably protected from fogging.

Central electric distribution box

Our components can be repaired with simple means even under adverse circumstances or can be exchanged plug and play.

Driver cab

We plan and design our cabs using the modular principle so that they can be optimally adapted to customised requirements.

Our customers Special vehicle Wölfle inside!