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Difficult, confusing and life-threatening operations - components from Wölfle support the protection of the occupants of military vehicles and, thanks to their robust construction, guarantee functional safety and reliable availability.

  • 15 kW ­refrigerating ­capacity

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  • Multiple circuit systems for 3 evaporator

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  • Special paints

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  • Blast proof

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  • Heating and air conditioning systems

    • Combat compartment cooling system
    • Protective ventilation system
    • Heating and air conditioning

Combat compartment cooling system

The system ensures constant temperature control of the vehicle interior. The cooling must be distributed. For this reason, three evaporator units are operated on one refrigeration circuit. This is a very demanding task, because the system must be operated safely and reliably with a cooling capacity of max. 15 kW. A failure of the air conditioning system also leads to the failure of the military vehicle.

Protective ventilation system SBL ­Premium

The Wölfle system converts contaminated air into clean air through an AEBK filter. Driver cabs and vehicle interiors can thus be reliably supplied with clean, purified air. The protective ventilation system is extremely resilient and has various safety devices such as overpressure monitoring.


The systems must be extremely robust and resilient, because even after a collision or under the influence of explosives, their function must be reliably ensured.

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