Company About Wölfle

The Wölfle group of companies is a modern and innovative company with over 50 years of tradition, based in Ochsenhausen. The family company was founded in 1972 by Friedrich Wölfle and is now run in the second generation by the Managing Partner Thomas Wölfle. With locations in Italy, the Czech Republic and Morocco, Wölfle is a leading technology supplier for everything to do with the workplace for commercial vehicles and machines on and off-highway. Passion and precision, high-tech and innovation. With a full range of state-of-the-art and reliable products such as Plug & amp; Play driver's cabs, heating and air conditioning systems, electronic and electrical products, Wölfle is internationally recognised as one of the technologically leading providers of customised developments. Thanks to the outstanding development and production skills of over 800 employees, well-known customers such as Liebherr, Linde, Kässbohrer, Magirus, Ziegler, Weißhaupt, Siemens, BMW etc. are among our clients. With a clear commitment to the business location Ochsenhausen, sufficient investments were made in buildings and technology for the future viability of the main plant.

Mission statement

Only those who set themselves clear goals can achieve them. That is why we have formulated goals for our company that express our basic values ​​and our visions.

Certificates and Partnerships

We use a wide range of development and construction methods to convert your idea or design into a producible and cost-effective product. Structures for the driver's cab in steel or aluminium can be created, but also complex 2K plastic constructions for automotive control units.


Wölfle. A medium-sized global player from Upper Swabia. With development and production sites at home and abroad, we are an absolutely competitive partner at the highest technological and quality level.


Tradition and Innovation. From a car workshop to a global medium-sized company. In more than 45 years, Wölfle has developed from a small sole proprietorship to today's successful international group of companies with 550 employees.


You can achieve anything with real passion, clear goals and a strong team.



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