Rubble, dust and a wide variety of elevations - construction machines used for earthmoving are on the move on uneven, mountainous terrain. Here you and the drivers are faced not only with swirling dirt, but also with hot or freezing temperatures and various types of precipitation. In addition, the terrain on construction sites is often very confusing, as many workers and equipment are in use. The greatest care and control are therefore required here. No matter what situation the construction machine is exposed to, Wölfle ensures precise control and full operational readiness at all times!

  • Innovation Award 2020


  • Best technology

    received numerous awards

  • Most secure ­control unit

    EN 13849-1

  • Climate models

    since 2008

  • Heating and air conditioning systems

    • HV/AC with automatic air conditioning
    • Protective ventilation system Comfort
  • Electrics

    • E-Box
    • Cable set

HV/AC with automatic air conditioning

The fully automatic heating and air conditioning system with temperature and air stratification compensates for interfering influences such as the sun or waste heat. In contrast to standard systems, the dependency of the measurement accuracy of the indoor sensor can be significantly improved by the climate model. This technology was awarded an innovation prize.

Protective ventilation system SBL 30 ­Comfort

From standard dust filter systems to robust high-end protective ventilation systems - we offer retrofittable solutions with low acquisition and operating costs that can be adapted to almost all machines in the entire fleet.


The E-Box offers very good mechanical protection thanks to the perfect combination of circuit board and wiring. Housing can be customised

Cable set

Highest quality with our fully equipped cable set - equipped with various plugs, yarn and corrugated tube sheaths

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