Cool storage rooms, limited space, deadline pressure - anyone who works in logistics knows all these difficult conditions and working in narrow and branched warehouse aisles. All technical components that are used in logistics vehicles such as forklifts must therefore be very compact and yet extremely powerful. In addition, simple control of the vehicles is essential so that the goods get safely from A to B, even when things get hectic. Highest performance in the smallest of spaces, that is our strength!

  • 1K Internal ­temperature

    Wölfle Energy Model

  • Controlled by ­algorithms

    Increased service life of the PTC element

  • Wölfle Electronics

    Particularly resistant to vibration and shock loads

  • 20 years

    Experience with electric heating

  • Heating and air conditioning systems

    • HV/AC
    • Electric heating
  • Electronics

    • Function control unit
    • Heating/air conditioning control unit


Our climate model enables unique temperature control in the vehicle interior. The components ensure that in areas of application in which the temperatures can differ by up to 30° K, comfortable work is possible at a constant temperature.

Electric heating

This is an electric heater that limits the blow-out temperature to 60° C. The heating elements are controlled by a special algorithm that significantly increases the service life of the PTC element and makes optimal use of the efficiency.

Function control unit

Logistics vehicles such as forklifts are exposed to high levels of vibration and shock due to their use in warehouses and in production. Because mostly these are unsprung vehicles with solid rubber tires. Thanks to their construction the built-in Wölfle electronics are resistant to these influences.

Heating / air conditioning control unit

Our control unit with automotive feel, background and functional lighting works reliably and can be specifically adapted to your industrial truck.

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