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From primitive analogue controls to computer-aided automotive control units - drivers of a wide variety of vehicles and machines must be able to rely on their controls at all times. Wölfle offers a powerful range of products for this! The core of a control device is the software, the task of which is to implement functions in the hardware. It must be ensured here that the hardware components are controlled precisely and can take on complex tasks for the user. We at Wölfle plan, implement and supervise customised software projects for applications of all kinds. Coupled with powerful electronics, this results in an unbeatable overall package!

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Control unit for ­electric air conditioning system

  • µController ATMEL®
  • CAN bus capable
  • Control of a PTC heating register up to 3.5 KW
  • Can be integrated into heating
  • 3-channel
  • Galvanically isolated (1200V)

Function control unit

  • Die-cast aluminium housing
  • 16-bit architecture
  • CAN bus
  • Various inputs and outputs for sensors and actuators
  • µ-Controller Freescale®

Field sprayer control unit

  • 32-Bit
  • Programming languages C, C ++ and C #
  • Basic platform expandable
  • With I/O module
  • µController Renesas®
  • Safe according to PL b according to EN 13849-1

Vehicle electronics Control and power electronics from Wölfle

Modern vehicles and machines require a stable energy supply in the form of central power electronics / power electronics. We develop and manufacture these specifically according to your customer specifications. The spectrum of our power electronics ranges from the conventional structure using fuses and relays to the structure of central power electronics. This replaces a conventional structure with high-current semiconductors with diagnostics and current monitoring.


  • Simple analogue and digital control devices
  • Complex multilayer control units
  • Processor units from a simple PIC to a 16-bit microcontroller with co-processor (ATMEL, FREESCALE, ST, ...)
  • From various field bus systems to complex Autosar® systems
  • Power electronics with up to 850 VDC and 2.5 KW power
  • Multi-CAN systems
  • Integrated systems for Windows CE or Linux

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