Long journeys, a wide variety of weather and road conditions - anyone who drives a lot in the car always needs full concentration. With our technology, we ensure a comfortable climate for drivers and passengers. When it comes to manufacturing components for the automotive industry, what counts is just-in-time solutions that are of high quality and at the same time are in a good price range. Thanks to the variety of industries that Wölfle serves, we are the right partner for creative solutions in the automotive industry. In addition to the standard parts, we design special solutions that enable special requests for vehicle equipment. Our foresight ensures constructive ideas in the industry!

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    In-house test laboratory

  • BMW

    Research partnership

  • Autosar®

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    Process alignment

  • Electronics

    • Heating / air conditioning control unit
    • Heating / air conditioning control unit
    • Heating / air conditioning control unit

Heating / air conditioning control unit

More efficiency and air conditioning with low energy consumption with components from Wölfle. The operating system with integrated temperature control for electrical auxiliary air conditioning communicates directly with the compressor via the LIN bus.

Heating / air conditioning control unit

With this system it is possible to retrofit an existing manual system with the convenience of automatic temperature and stratification. The functions correspond to tried and tested model-based automatic air conditioning systems from the automotive environment.

Heating / air conditioning control unit

For the built-in Wölfle electronics with E1 approval (KBA), we work with modern software operating systems such as Autosar®. Our quality standards are also reflected in the quality score of less than 500 PPM.

Research project Autonomous driving increases the importance of the indoor climate

Often times it is ignored, but this affects everyone at all times: our ambient climate. This is much more of a focus, especially with autonomous driving, and is the subject of a current research project at Wölfle. As long as you keep the steering wheel in your hand, the focus is on driving itself, so that you often do not notice the climate at all or only notice it when it is particularly uncomfortable. The front passenger is usually much more often the one adjusting and optimising, because he has more time to concentrate on it. If in the future we can no longer drive ourselves, but can do other things, as is the case, for example, on a train or plane, it quickly becomes clear that today's systems in cars still have significant weaknesses here. This is partly due to the much smaller interior.

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