History 45 years of being clever, efficient, inventive

Friedrich Wölfle - founder and entrepreneur from the very start.
In 1972 he laid the foundation stone for today's group of companies.

With great creativity, a lot of commitment, enthusiasm and joy he steered the fortunes until 2010.
Thanks to his tireless personal commitment, his foresight and clear determination, he has advanced the development of our company far.


Founding of the company Wölfle as a car accessories trade and workshop for car electrics.


Expansion of the range of services through the establishment of a new product line. Manufacture of roof hatches for construction machinery.

Development of the Vehicle Electrics product division.
Manufacture of cable sets, control panels and fittings for construction and agricultural machinery.

Development of the Air Conditioning product division.
Development and production of vehicle heating and air conditioning systems for OEM and retrofit market.

Development of the Electronics product division.
Development and production of electronic control and regulation systems, displays and control panels for vehicles and machines.

Expansion of the range of services as a system supplier. Development and manufacture of driver's cabs, integration of vehicle electrics, electronics, air conditioning and metal processing.


Founding of Wölfle s.r.o in the Czech Republic. Production site for vehicle electrics, air conditioning and sheet metal processing.


Expansion of the range of services as a system supplier. Development and production of vehicle cabs that are completely developed and 100% tested.


Start-up of the new production hall in Ochsenhausen with a production area of 7,500 m², expansion of production capacity and modernisation of the sheet metal processing centre. Development of a new generation of air conditioning automation in which the controller function is implemented using air conditioning models.


Introduction of the new ERP software abas with reorganisation and restructuring of processes and procedures.


Introduction of lean management for all product divisions and locations.
Founding of the Wölfle MTT in Morocco.

Supplier for defence technology and for the automotive sector as Tier 1.