Rough terrain, 24/7 operations - in agriculture, availability means everything. Harvest & amp; Co. are linked to certain seasons. At these times, the agricultural vehicles are used off-road day and night and are exposed to a wide variety of environmental influences. Available components are essential so that the agricultural machinery can quickly and reliably go from 0 to 100 after long breaks and are fully operational. Wölfle delivers the best technology, which is made for load-capacity peaks!

  • Particularly ­resistant

    against pesticides, oils and fuels of all kinds

  • Best field of vision and comfort

    The Wölfle cab

  • First HV/AC

    in the Fendt tractor from 1974

  • Fourth generation with Claas

    Agricultural control units

  • Electronics

    • CAN control unit
    • Field sprayer control unit
  • Electrics

    • Motor harness
    • Central electrical distribution box
  • Heating and air conditioning systems

    • Battery and component cooling

Control keyboard

Thanks to its compact and robust design, the control unit is exactly the right component for use in the agricultural sector. Above all, it impresses with its resistance to herbicides and pesticides as well as organic oils and fuels.

Field sprayer control unit

Our customised control devices are ideally suited for use in agricultural machinery. Functional safety and the control of electrohydraulic components are standard here.

Motor harness

Safe cable solutions are essential in order to properly control the components of an agricultural vehicle and to work effectively and without interference. The openly installed cable set withstands extreme outdoor requirements. Even a wide variety of chemicals cannot harm the material or technology.

Battery and component cooling

Cooling circuit with chiller. Various operating voltages 24 VDC to 850 VDC. Combined system. Active cooling via a cooling circuit or via an air heat exchanger to the environment. Hermetically closed system.

Central electric distribution box

Customised E-distribution that is 100% adapted to the vehicle. Completely equipped and tested. High variance

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