From standard heating to fully automatically controlled heating and air conditioning systems, the various systems have a decisive influence on the comfort in the driver cab. In order to ensure the best working conditions for the driver, Wölfle designs solutions that are individually adapted to the locations where they are used and the ambient conditions.

In addition to the optimal temperature level, the systems also ensure the best possible air distribution in the vehicle interior. Our simulation software is used to design and calculate individual components and complete systems. In this way, we already have a wide range of optimisation options in mind during the design phase.

Thanks to the use of modular standard components and constant process optimisation in our production, our heating and air conditioning systems meet the requirements of international competition despite customised adjustments and a high level of quality.

  • 40 years


  • 1 million


  • Since 2003

    Electric air conditioners

  • Climate model

    Since 2008

HV/AC with automatic air conditioning

  • Scope of delivery with CAN-BUS control unit
  • Housing made of expanded polypropylene (EPP)
  • Integrated model-based automatic air conditioning
  • Continuous fan (EC) and VMC servomotors


  • Complete dashboard with integrated control unit
  • Injection moulded housing with integrated 4-speed fan
  • Electric water valve
  • Manual adjustment of the air dampers using Bowden cables
  • Control panel with integrated LIN-BUS control unit

Roof air conditioner

  • Integrated into the existing roof
  • Complete system, filled and ready for operation
  • Condenser unit with 3 fans, 2-stage controlled
  • Integrated climate control
  • Easy installation thanks to plug-in technology
  • Housing made of expanded polypropylene (EPP)

Front box

  • Complete design in stainless steel and aluminium
  • 100% adapted to the installation space
  • Supporting structure for the dashboard
  • Continuous fan (EC) and VMC servomotors
  • Electrically and mechanically controllable

Combat compartment cooling system

  • Special military paint
  • EMC suppression
  • Multiple evaporator system
  • 30G shock

Driver workplace climate

  • Fire-resistant according to EN45545
  • Safe smoke shutdown
  • Suitable for railways, vibration and shock EN50155
  • Electrically controllable


  • Optionally as heating or HV/AC
  • Automatic model-based air conditioning
  • Wölfle servomotors
  • Scope of delivery with climate control unit
  • Metal housing made of stainless steel


Capacitor unit

  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • KTL coating
  • Wet painting
  • Application range from -50° to 55° C


  • KTL Metal housing
  • Wet painting
  • Automatic model-based air conditioning
  • Fully electrically controllable
  • Scope of delivery with climate control unit
  • Extreme ambient and operating temperature

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