Control panels compact, intuitive and practical

A good control panel in vehicle electrics is characterised by optimal functionality, perfect ergonomics, user-friendliness and a pleasant look. The control panels and dashboards from Wölfle are integrated into the vehicle design in order to ensure a holistic cab design and provide the driver with the greatest possible comfort. In order to achieve this level of convenience, it is not only the arrangement of the instruments and displays that is of decisive importance, but also their readability in the dark or in direct sunlight. Of course, when designing and developing the operating concept, we also take into account criteria such as durability and resistance to application-specific environmental conditions. We also ensure optimal visual and tactile feedback for the components and parts used. At Wölfle we guarantee this by using the most modern technologies and components for your control panels.

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  • Compact ­construction

    Wölfle technology solutions

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Control panel

  • Wired customised control panel
  • Plastic parts from deep-drawing tools
  • Completely equipped and configured

Side panel

  • Wired customised armrests
  • Plastic parts from rotary tools
  • Completely equipped and configured

Control panel

  • Wired customised armrests
  • Plastic parts from rotary tools
  • Completely equipped and configured
  • With integrated control unit

Control panel

  • Extremely robust and durable, high water resistance
  • Integrated electrics and electronics
  • Ergonomic plastic housing
  • Fully functional and with back-lighting
  • Membrane keyboard using Light Guide technology with search rings
  • Safety-related functions according to EN13849-1 PL c and d

Control unit light mast

  • Can be individually printed and combined
  • Completely functionally illuminated
  • Standard switches and light elements
  • Robust standard housing

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