Natural refrigerants in the ICE4 high-speed train of a completely different kind. What began as a concept project leads to a future solution. Our premium customer from the rail sector was confronted with the problem of using conventional refrigerants. R134a and its derivatives are generally known as climate killers and are no longer approved for new projects in Western European countries. The galley for the homogeneous temperature control of food also falls under these specifications. In a multi-day workshop with the customer, the only solution was to use the refrigerant R290 (propane). Propane is a natural refrigerant. The only problem lies in the flammability. This resulted in a new type of refrigeration system as a perfect combination system of propane and water, in compliance with all safety standards that the transport of persons entails. The complete galley for the new ICE is equipped with natural refrigerant and thus has a GWP of less than five.

Background to Wölfle and air conditioning

Wölfle has been dealing with air conditioning tasks in the commercial vehicle sector for over 40 years and has been supplying systems to the railway sector for over 10 years. Chillers are already installed in series for battery and component cooling. For several years the company has been dealing with the topics of air conditioning and E-mobility and can fall back on a number of test and research projects from well-known manufacturers that focused on refrigerants, water chillers and electrically operated air conditioning systems.