Mobile Crane Electronic Heating Control Unit (HBE) WÖLFLE INSIDE!

Control panels in vehicles often have a problem with backlighting. A homogeneous and easily adjustable lighting, which in all situations, such as sunshine at noon or night driving in open terrain, is usually at the expense of the service life. The often used EL layers in membrane keyboards are state of the art, but there is always a compromise in development. Our customer did not want to compromise in the premium segment and we had the solution.

Wölfle relies on the light guide technology for the HBE control unit for the new generation of mobile cranes. This combines all the advantages of LED technology. We have extensive experience in the development of a combination of circuit boards and foils - LEDs are located on the boards, which couple light into the gaps between the foils from the side. The decisive factor is the structure, the placement of the LEDs and the use of the appropriate adhesive. The result impresses with its design, the compact construction and the functional and background lighting.