Vögele Road Construction ­Electronics WÖLFLE INSIDE!

Road paver 2016 - In the fourth generation, the Vögele company consciously relies on control panels from Wölfle. Road construction is backbreaking work. The vehicles have to withstand the worst weather conditions and the equipment quickly reaches its technical limits. In wind and weather, the driver's cab is protected with just one roof and the control panels are permanently exposed to environmental influences. The primary development goal is the durability of the components with maximum ergonomics and the highest level of ease of use.

With 40 years of experience in a wide variety of rough terrain areas, our engineers have worked with the customer to create a brilliant performance in terms of resilience. A control panel series with the latest Light Guide film technology at the highest quality level. With an intelligent construction and a specially encapsulated circuit board chamber, a new type of tightness concept was born. For verification, the first prototypes had to go through the tests in sequence and still function. These included temperature, media resistance, IP, EMC, vibration and shock resistance and a leak test (IP).  This masterpiece was an all-round success and has been used without compromise to this day.