Linda Hutzmann - Financial accounting clerk About skiing to internships and training

Grenzenlose Freude, zauberhafte Berglandschaften und der Lernerfolg der Kids - Lindas Begeisterung als Skilehrerin

The fascination of being a ski instructor – beaming children's eyes on the mountain

Early in the morning it's time to leave Ochsenhausen. Ski instructors meet their participants for a ski course in the ski area. The anticipation is written all over the face of everyone involved - young and old are united and bring a good mood to the slopes - thanks to the beautiful Allgäu Alps. Linda gave her first ski lessons at the age of 17, she loves being in the mountains and working with children. Linda successfully completed her training as an industrial clerk at Wölfle and has been working in financial accounting since the beginning of 2023. Linda was able to get an internship at Wölfle through the ski club and later the apprenticeship position. Getting into a job through the hobby of "skiing" - what better way to start a success story!

Linda is our "organizational talent" Privately and professionally, she is well known for her neatness. We would like to bring you closer to Linda's favorite pastime, skiing and her enthusiasm as a ski instructor at the Ochsenhausen Ski Club.

Get on the boards! - The fun is in the foreground

An exciting day of skiing awaits Linda Hutzmann and her 10 children between the ages of 5 and 9 in the beginner's course. All the preparations have been made, the kids' equipment has been checked, so the white splendor is already waiting for their aggressive or still a little anxious ski newcomers. It's not as easy as it sounds, especially since Linda had to complete and successfully complete a proper training course to become a ski instructor. A theory course followed by a final exam takes place in the Stubaital. At annual ski instructor trips, exercises and techniques are discussed that serve to extend your own license and personal development.

As soon as the course is complete, you can start. Adrenaline and excitement can be clearly seen in the little ski novices, says Linda. "Every participant gets their money's worth, from archery to a competitive atmosphere in the form of a final race - there is something for everyone and fun is always the priority".

The joy in the children's eyes

Bright children's eyes, magical mountain landscapes and the children's learning success, for Linda a great satisfaction and one of the most important reasons why she is so happy to take on the responsibility of a ski instructor. Wouldn't it be easier to go skiing without any sense of duty? Certainly! Wouldn't Linda have learned to appreciate and love the "big picture" of a ski course so much. So every day on the ski slopes brings new challenges. It can be tears that have to be dried after a fall or an outbreak of homesickness, or because of ski equipment that has been left behind, it can be improvised quickly. With all the hurdles that have to be overcome, enthusiasm for skiing is the most important thing, and many children are already making progress after the first day of the ski course.

Grown up with boards on his feet

There is no question that this applies to the majority of ski instructors. Linda has also been sliding, standing and skiing down the mountain since she was a child and has always been enthusiastic about the beautiful outdoor sport. She herself was allowed to learn and promote the art of skiing at the Ochsenhausen ski school - in addition there is dealing with children, which she already does always brought great joy. ... Every ride, every day of skiing means learning and gaining experience. The constant exchange with all ski instructors was the cornerstone for the successful completion of the trainer C exam. It's nice for Linda to see that all the children pull together during the ski course and develop ambition and self-confidence.

Between picturesquely beautiful mountains, Linda and the children always have to say goodbye after four days of skiing. At the end of the evening, the experiences are reviewed with, among other things, a video of all the days of the ski course and certificates for the kids. Now the "little ones" can dash down the slopes and show what they have learned.
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