Wölfle honors 13 long-time employees Employees are recognized for 35, 30, 25 and 10 years of service

As part of the annual anniversary celebration, 13 employees were honored for their many years of service. This year, the celebrations were once again characterized by the number and extraordinary number of years of service of the anniversaries. As almost veterans from the very beginning, Christiane Christ, Stefan Maier, Sigmund Seeberger and Uwe Winghart were thanked for 35 years of creativity and commitment. Eveline Lebetz, Hans Mast and Karl-Heinz Schäffler were honored with 30 years of service. Thank you to Kathrin Bühler, Sania Laux, Robert Locher and Olga Krawtschenko for 25 years of company loyalty. Monika Böhmisch and Lothar Halder were honored with 10 years of loyalty to the company.

In his speech, Thomas Wölfle thanked those celebrating their anniversary for their loyalty, commitment and tireless commitment to the group. Such a large number of anniversaries and their considerable number is a sign of great cooperation, collegial cooperation and a good working atmosphere. For the remarkable consistency of the long-term company loyalty of a total of 350 years, the anniversaries were presented with gift vouchers and gift baskets.

A special recognition went to all employees of the group of companies with around 850 employees at home and abroad. Thanks to the efforts of the last few years and the exceptionally good handling of the associated challenges, the group of companies grew by around 30% in all areas. With the associated investment as an attractive employer and interesting tasks, the necessary skilled workers were also acquired.

Through forward-looking development and research work in the field of e-mobility, exciting new orders were won and business areas opened up. Through the transformation process away from combustion engines and towards electric drives, Wölfle has built up core competencies in thermal management, heat pumps and high-voltage areas for complete vehicles. In detail, this involves controlling and regulating temperature flows from components, parts and the cabin as efficiently as possible. The Wölfle Group sees itself as optimally and future-proof positioned for further growth with its existing and future business areas.

(At the subsequent joint works meeting and Christmas party, managing director Thomas Wölfle reviewed the past financial year and gave an outlook for 2024). The efforts of the past few years are unmistakable in all areas and have a significant impact on the success of the entire group of companies. Despite the overall economic downturn, the group of companies managed to achieve the record sales from 2018 once again. The signs continue to point to healthy growth and expansion. With the investment in a new company location for Wölfle ltd.co in Taicang China, another milestone is set in the direction of the globalization of the group of companies. The clear success factors lie in the shared willingness of all employees to constantly develop and improve procedures, processes and product technologies. In 2024, the 800 employees at 5 locations at home and abroad will continue to have exciting tasks and challenges in the development and production of technically high-quality and complex systems.