Art in the workplace Stone graffiti transforms the entrance area of Wölfe GmbH

At Wölfe GmbH everything revolves around innovation, creativity and a modern working environment. In our effort to not only live these values, but also to make them visible, we have decided on an exciting project: the design of our entrance area by the renowned graffiti artist Stone-Graffiti, aka Philip.

The vision
Our corporate colors – orange, black and charcoal – merge into a vibrant work of art that captures the essence of our brand. The main attraction? An impressive wolf head that not only symbolizes power and strength, but also represents the community bond and team spirit of our wolf family.

Working with Philip from Stone-Graffiti was inspiring from the start. We were impressed by his talent and ability to express our corporate philosophy in the form of graffiti. The creation video that we present to you in this article gives you an exclusive look behind the scenes of this fascinating process.

The message
Our graffiti art tells a story – a story of dynamism, cohesion and creative energy. It is not just a decoration, but an expression of our corporate culture and our modern way of thinking.

Pride and gratitude
We are overjoyed with the artwork we received and would like to thank Philip from Stone-Graffiti for his fantastic work. This graffiti is not only a decorative piece in our entrance area, but also a symbol of the values that we represent as a company.

Experience it live!
We warmly invite you to experience our new work of art live. Visit us at Wölfe GmbH and let the creative atmosphere inspire you. We are proud to not only be a modern company, but also to design our spaces with art that tells stories. Art in the workplace not only promotes creativity, but also identification with our values. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and news from the Wolves!