New educational partnership to promote applied computer science The high school and Wölfle decide to cooperate

In order to promote computer science in a targeted and practical manner, the Ochsenhausen high school and the Wölfle company from Ochsenhausen have entered into a new educational partnership. The managing director Thomas Wölfle and the school principal Elke Ray signed a cooperation agreement that creates opportunities for GO students in the field of applied computer science. “In the future, our young people will not only, as they already do, learn the basics of computer science as a school subject, in working groups and as an interface to subjects such as math and NwT. You will also experience a lot of content beyond the school walls in exciting fields of application,” says Tobias Beck, the head of the natural sciences department at GO.

In addition to an annual “Wölfle Prize” for the best performance in the “Biber” computer science competition in the lower grades, which the company offers for GO students, school classes can take part in factory tours and receive visits from computer science lessons in class 7 an expert from the company. “We are pleased that with our educational partnership we can show the central role of computer science in society but also directly here,” says Thomas Wölfle. After all, applied computer science is extremely important in all business areas of the Ochsenhausen technology company, adds the managing director. Making this relevance clear to young people from their first encounter with computer science at school right through to their high school diploma was the reason for entering into a partnership with the high school. For interested high school students, the new educational partner in NWT offers project cooperation for programming climate controls in mobile applications such as cars and also supports the IT activities of the student research center in Ochsenhausen.

The school principal Elke Ray sees the new cooperation as a real gain and a suitable addition to the existing educational partnerships with other companies in the region. She is particularly pleased about the opportunity for young people to experience abstract technical content in conjunction with concrete applications. “This educational partnership does what we do in many areas of the GO’s educational path for our young people: We combine theory and practice and show that great ideas can be implemented - and that motivating and exciting lessons can be created.”