Wölfle Cup 2019 A game lasts 10 minutes and in the end the oranges win

Everyone would like to have won it - the now legendary Wölfle Cup. In connection with the summer festival, this company tournament is something very special, even if the planet conjures up what feels like 50° C on the sacred lawn of SV Ochsenhausen. Everything was just right at the Wölfle summer event. Already at the joint lunch table and the subsequent jersey distribution, people talk shop, make bets and, of course, provoke a bit.
Particularly noteworthy is the considerable number of women who compete every year with full commitment and playful ability. The many loyal employees on the sidelines support their work colleagues loudly in high spirits. In the games in round mode, every inch of green is fought for. It will be difficult to survive against the young wild ones, but the routine and experience of the AH protagonists should not be underestimated either.

After the game is before the game

To quote past football greats, the "after the game" is also very important to us and is taken just as seriously as the game beforehand.
After the award ceremony, it goes to the cosy part - with cold beverages and casual conversation, the sun gradually sinks behind the Hopfengarten sports grounds. Speaking off the record, many a colleague woke up the next day with (muscle) soreness.

We are already looking forward to the next summer event and happy hours together.