Bauma 2019

Bauma 2019 once again outdid itself with 620,000 visitors from more than 200 countries. As a long-term partner of many well-known exhibitors, we were also able to set our personal trade fair record. Our “Hands-On Climate Model” was a real magnet for visitors.


In 2008, in cooperation with LIEBHERR, we introduced a climate model for purely mathematically regulated indoor air conditioning. This remains unbeaten today. At Bauma we were now able to demonstrate the latest generation of this climate model live and hands-on. Our visitors could choose between standard controllers and the Wölfle climate model and experience in real time how the systems react.


The latest generation of a reversible heat pump (high-voltage version) could also be seen in action here, which supplied the demonstrator with energy. If you missed the opportunity at Bauma, you are welcome to be inspired by our scale 3-D climate model during a visit to Ochsenhausen.


But the future of construction machinery does not only lie in indoor air conditioning. The industry is already actively preparing for the increasing importance of electromobility. Due to the electrification of the drives and other subsystems, significantly larger cross-sections are again required in the cable. At the same time, the operating voltages are getting higher and higher, so that special insulation must be used or technical equipment for insulation and plug monitoring is necessary. Here, too, we were able to score points with our cross-industry development expertise and demonstrate a number of implemented customer solutions.


Another important topic for our visitors was the increasing demands on the machines and their safety-related parts in relation to the safety standard EN13849-1. Control units with integrated safety control devices were exhibited at our booth, which, in a very compact design, safely carry out all operating and display requirements in accordance with PLd. A compact stand-alone control unit for quick-change devices met with particular interest.


In close collaboration with the Kässbohrer company, we were also able to present the fully equipped PowerBully driver cab for special operations in difficult-to-access terrain. The high-end cab is both compact and robust and features, among other things, an iTerminal with touchscreen, electronic control (optional steering wheel or joystick), a reversing camera and cruise control. Despite the many special requirements, we are able to deliver the cab as a small series.


In addition to many stimulating discussions with our valued existing customers, we were also able to make numerous new international contacts and enjoyed the sometimes cross-industry exchange.