Wölfle company honours 18 long-term employees

At the traditional Christmas party, the Wölfle company honored 18 employees for their long service with the company. As a veteran of the first hour, Paul Ries was thanked for 40 years of creativity and commitment. Christiane Christ, Stefan Maier, Sigmund Seeberger and Uwe Winghart were honoured for 30 years for their commitment for almost an entire working life. With 25 years of company loyalty, thanks went to Eveline Lebetz, Hans Mast and Karl-Heinz Schäffler. Ahmed Zado, Arne Tiedemann, Felix Schraivogel, Ivica Rupcic, Michael Huber, Dr. Peter Geigle, Sandro Klawitter, Sonja Bühler and Thomas Meschkowski were honored for 10 years of loyalty to the company. Thomas Wölfle himself was surprised by his employees and also honoured for 10 years of service.

In his address, Thomas Wölfle thanked the honourees for their loyalty, commitment and tireless dedication to the group of companies. Such a large number of honourees is a sign of great cooperation, collegial cooperation and a good working atmosphere. For the considerable consistency of the long-standing loyalty to the company for a total of 335 years, gift vouchers and gift baskets were presented to the honourees.

At the subsequent joint works meeting and Christmas party, Managing Director Thomas Wölfle reviewed the past financial year and provided an outlook on 2019. The efforts of the past years are unmistakable in all areas and have a decisive influence on the success of the entire group of companies. With a sales increase of approx. 25%, the group of companies posted an unprecedented record turnover in a row. Added to this, the willingness of the family company to invest in the group of companies was also at a record level with almost € 6 million. The clear success factors lie in the common willingness of all employees to continuously develop and improve procedures, processes and product technologies. For the meanwhile 580 employees at 4 locations in Germany and abroad, exciting tasks and challenges await in 2019 in the development and production of technically high-quality and complex systems.