Electric HV/AC

From standard heating to fully automatically controlled heating and air conditioning systems, the various systems have a decisive influence on the comfort in the driver cab. In order to ensure the best working conditions for the driver, Wölfle designs solutions that are individually adapted to the locations where they are used and the ambient conditions.

In addition to the optimal temperature level, the systems also ensure the best possible air distribution in the vehicle interior. Our simulation software is used to design and calculate individual components and complete systems. In this way, we already have a wide range of optimisation options in mind during the design phase.

Thanks to the use of modular standard components and continuous process optimisation of our production, our heating and air conditioning systems meet the requirements of international competition at a high quality level, even in spite of customised adaptations.

  • E-Mobility

    20 years of experience

  • 100.000

    Systems produced

  • First electric HV/AC

    built in 2003

  • 24V-850V DC


Product portrait Electric heating and ­air conditioning systems mobile crane


  • Weight-reduced aluminium housing
  • Different voltages (230VAC / 400VAC / 24VDC)
  • Improved vibration dampers
  • Integrated climate control with CAN bus
  • Automatic air conditioning based on the energy model of the cab


  • Construction machinery: Mobile crane / mobile construction crane

Mobile cranes are in constant use wherever heavy loads need to be transported. The constant stress requires a certain level of comfort for the machine driver, because he must be able to work with high concentration at all times. Wölfle products for a wide variety of mobile cranes ensure pleasant and efficient work.

Product portrait Fork-lift truck electric air conditioner


  • Compact design
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Electronically controlled with an integrated control unit
  • 24V, 48V, 80V, 400V, 660V
  • Refrigerants R134a / R1234yf


  • Logistics: Industrial trucks

Cool storage rooms, limited space, deadline pressure - anyone who works in logistics knows all these difficult conditions and working in narrow and branched warehouse aisles. All technical components that are used in logistics vehicles such as forklifts must therefore be very compact and yet extremely powerful. In addition, simple control of the vehicles is essential so that the goods can get safely from A to B, even when things get hectic. Highest performance in the smallest of spaces, that is our strength!

Product portrait Electric heating/air conditioning, ­shunting locomotive


  • Long service life and component availability
  • Electronically regulated and monitored
  • 400 VAC
  • Suitable for railways - EN14750-1 / 14813-1


  • Rail transport / rail: Shunting locomotive

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