Azubi Story Fabian Hornung, ­Trainee Whoever does what he can already do, always remains what he already is

Every person, every trainee tells his or her own story - Fabian is in his third year of training as an industrial clerk with us. He reports on his experiences as a trainee and would like to give an insight into the work of his job with his interview.

  • Ausbildungsberuf

    Industrial clerk

  • Dauer der ­Ausbildung

    3 years

  • Arbeitszeiten

    40 hours a week

  • Anzahl der ­Urlaubstage

    30 days

  • Abwechslungs-­reiche Aufgaben

    Apprenticeship at Wölfle

  • Firmenevents

    Celebrate successes together

  • Kantine

    fresh and tasty


Hello Fabian, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us about your experiences as a trainee.

  • What are your expectations and wishes for your training:

First of all, it is important to me to gain as much experience as possible and to acquire knowledge during the training period. It is also important to get a good insight into the tasks of an industrial clerk.

  • Can you tell us three characteristics that you should bring along as an industrial clerk applicant:

Organisational talent, ability to work in a team, willingness to learn.

  • Which departments or projects do you enjoy most and why:

I liked the Sales and QA departments best. Working independently and the variety of topics appealed to me in Sales. In the QA department, it was the multitude of technical tasks that I really liked.

  • What else does Wölfle offer you:

Thanks to the size of the company, the company is a very attractive employer with a very good working atmosphere, numerous opportunities for further training and active participation in interesting projects.

  • What do you particularly like:

A friendly and pleasant working atmosphere, short and direct communication channels and an insight into almost all departments.

  • Can you give the prospective trainees a few tips when they apply:

Make sure that you, as businessmen, mainly work sitting down, your applications should be flawless, you should always ask if anything is unclear and punctuality is very important.

  • Can you explain the training at Wölfle in one word:

Full of opportunities

Thank you Fabian for the interview - we wish you continued success and enjoyment in your training adventure.

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