Girls´Day 2019

Filing, drilling and deburring! Girls get a taste of the production atmosphere at Wölfle.

We also opened the doors for 7 schoolgirls on Girls'Day 2019 on 28 March 2019. Under the motto “Technology - I can do it‘ ‘, the girls had the opportunity to get to know typical male professions in our training workshop and to make their very own, personalised key ring with an integrated metal bottle opener.

Before they could dive into the world of production, however, the company was introduced to them. The girls learned more about the company and our products by getting to know each other, giving a company presentation and introducing our training programs. The subsequent management of the company allowed the students to experience our production live. After lunch together, the girls went to the training workshop. To make the key ring, the participants had to file and deburr the metal. But handwork was also done on the drill. In order to personalise the key ring, the girls could stamp their names into the workpiece with punch letters and a hammer. A great project, which the students clearly enjoyed. An eventful and exhausting day came to an end, during which our Power Girls had the opportunity to get to know some manual, technical and industrial tasks.

We are already looking forward to the next Girls'Day and hope that we have been able to bring the girls closer to technical professions.