Gymnasium Ochsenhausen New computer science prize for Ochsenhausen students

The Wölfle company honors young IT talents at high schools

As part of their young educational partnership, the Ochsenhausen company Wölfle and the high school have launched a new initiative to promote computer science. The company has announced the “Wölfle Prize” for young talent in the seventh grade. This year, the new award was presented to six young people at an awards ceremony at the school. Jakob Heinz, Felizitas Günzel, Simon Schad, Jakob Schwarzbart, Luca Rapp and Dominik Mang were delighted to receive the Wölfle Prize. The seventh graders achieved the highest number of points in the nationwide “Informatics Beaver” competition, in which all seventh graders at the school take part.

“We are pleased to be able to honor young talents with the new Wölfle Prize and to highlight the importance of IT in the working world of today and tomorrow,” said Anna Gleinser, who presented the awards on behalf of the company. This type of cooperation is a great benefit not only for the students but also for the school, added school principal Elke Ray. For several years, the school has been working on establishing educational partnerships with thematic focuses and interfaces in companies. “It’s really great that with our partnership we can make the relevance of everyday school life for life after school even clearer and with the award we have now created additional motivation for the subject of computer science,” says the headmistress happily.