Training event of the IHK Ulm "Best of ... goes digital" Outstanding performance

Outstanding performance

More than 2,500 guests in front of televisions, screens, tablets or other digital devices celebrated at home at the IHK education event Best of… goes digital on Friday, 27 November 2020. IHK President Dr. Jan Stefan Roell and Managing Director Max-Martin W. Deinhard congratulated all graduates of this year's IHK exams for training and further education and awarded the most successful degrees from under 300,000 test participants.

In the field of dual vocational training, i.e. the combination of training in the company and the vocational school, the IHK Ulm awarded the IHK prize to 52 of 2,100 graduates in 122 IHK apprenticeships for excellent performance. 243 graduates received a commendation for special achievements Including from the company Wölfle Marina Münsch.

IHK training - "Career with apprenticeship"

In the advanced training examinations in 20 advanced training qualifications, four (from 1000) were awarded the Chamber of Industry and Commerce prize for outstanding performance and 17 as best in exams. Commendations were awarded to 29 persons.