Control Panel Series ­Ziegler WOELFLE INSIDE!

Fire truck manufacturer - 2012. Due to the wide variety of uses, the greatest challenge in the area of fire protection is mastering the wide variety and environmental requirements. When the well-known manufacturer of fire trucks was faced with the challenge of developing a completely new electronic control system, there was no standard.

Several solution concepts were developed in a workshop lasting several days. As a further hurdle, our customer specified a maximum delivery time of 6 weeks. The only option was to develop intelligent modules with the appropriate compatibility that could be mounted and programmed in the shortest possible time. Even the final design of the control membrane is customised and can still be adapted one day before delivery. The concept was implemented in an A-sample in a PC solution and the customer was given the opportunity to test his product in an initial “Look and Feel” without incurring expensive development and tooling costs. In the end, all customer specifications were met and the controls are of the highest quality.