Miriam Garcia - industrial clerk Authentic insights into the world of our trainees Authentic insights into the world of our trainees

Welcome to the authentic insights into the world of our trainees – the young wolves of Wölfle GmbH! We spoke to our talented trainees and asked them to share their experiences and experiences during their training with us. Their stories not only provide a personal insight into everyday training, but also a look behind the scenes of a future-oriented company. Be inspired by the experiences of our young wolves and discover the individual perspectives of our trainees as they share their journey through their training with us.

Hello Miriam, it's nice that we can ask you a few questions today about your training at Wölfle. We are pleased to have you on our trainee team and look forward to your very personal insights!

  • Miriam, why did you decide to do your training at Wölfle? What particularly appealed to you?
    I chose to do my training at Wölfle because the company is a regional and family-run business.
  • Did you immediately decide that you wanted to become an industrial clerk?
    Although I didn't immediately know that I wanted to become an industrial clerk, I chose this career because of its versatility and my interests in sales, purchasing, distribution and human resources.
  • How did your application phase go?
    My application phase was structured and professional. After a successful application, a personal interview followed.
  • Can you still remember your first weeks at Wölfle? How were the first few weeks for you?
    After I decided to train at Wölfle, I was able to gain my first experiences before the training officially began. Back in June I had the opportunity to get to know both the new trainees and other trainees on a sunny afternoon at a trainee barbecue. The first week at Wölfle started with a trainee excursion, where I had the chance to get to know the other trainees and trainers better. In the following days, the introductory days took place, which enabled us to get to know our work colleagues, departments, trainers and the Wölfle company better.
  • What does your everyday working life look like in our company?
    My everyday work is varied and challenging, with tasks such as order processing, customer service and working on projects.
  • What do you particularly like about your training?
    I particularly like the insight into different areas of the company and the opportunity to work independently.
  • What requirements do you have to meet in order to start training as an industrial clerk?
    In order to start training as an industrial clerk, you usually need a good secondary school diploma as well as an interest in economic contexts, strong communication skills and organizational talent.
  • How often do you have vocational school and what is the process like?
    I visit the vocational school twice a week. There we have theoretical lessons as well as practical projects and case studies.
  • What event or project do you remember most?
    A special event was the summer party at Wölfle, where the entire workforce came together to eat together and take part in a soccer tournament. This celebration promoted team spirit and a sense of togetherness in the company, which was impressive.
  • Do you already have a plan after your training? What are your future plans?
    After my training, I plan to advance my career in the company.
  • What advice can you give to aspiring businesspeople who are about to graduate from school?
    I would advise aspiring businesspeople about to graduate from school to find out about various training opportunities early on, complete internships and actively prepare for applications. It is important to know your strengths and interests and to continually develop yourself.

Thank you Miriam for your great insights into your training as an industrial clerk.