From simple electric heaters to complex electric heating and air conditioning systems for driver cabs and vehicle batteries - our solutions are specially produced for vehicles with electric and fuel cells. 

Protection against accidental contact with high-voltage systems and fire resistance are particularly important here.

In addition to classic electrical heating and air conditioning systems, Wölfle also specialises in electrical battery and component cooling systems. These systems are always adapted to the requirements of our customers and thus enable optimal functionality and efficiency:

  • Heating and cooling capacity up to 10kW
  • Passive cooling at corresponding outside temperatures
  • Active cooling via a cooling circuit (R134a/R1234yf/R290)
  • Electric water heating
  • Heating via reversing water circuit (heat pump)
  • High-voltage components up to 850 VDC
  • Constant temperature control using a model
  • Communication via CAN bus (J1939, UDS, Sleep/WakeUp, ..), LIN bus, PWM, optional: AUTOSAR

The Wölfle control integrated in our heating and cooling systems enables a constant temperature of the built-in batteries or components in all functional positions and
thus significantly increase the service life.


  • E-Mobility

    20 years of experience

  • Battery cooling

    8 years of experience

  • 850 VDC

    High voltage

  • 234 ppm


Battery cooling and ­thermal management

  • Heating and cooling
  • Active cooling via a cooling circuit
  • Optional with electric water heater
  • Integrated control for battery thermal management
  • Connection to battery management possible
  • Highly precise temperature control using a model

Battery and component cooling

  • Active cooling via cooling circuit with chiller (liquid heat exchanger)
  • Various operating voltages from 24VDC to 850VDC
  • Passive cooling at corresponding outside temperatures
  • Communication and diagnosis via CAN-BUS

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