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When developing software, the most important thing is to achieve the desired goal as efficiently as possible and without detours. This requires precision work, which you can perform only if you have a competent partner with the right programming tool.

We plan, implement and support customised software projects for applications of all kinds. The range of our services includes the goal-oriented and holistic conception and implementation of tailor-made software solutions for the benefit of our customers. Software architectures such as AUTOSAR® are also used for simple, standardised and inexpensive implementation of projects.

Our product portfolio in the field of vehicle electronics software ranges from the simplest GAL and PAL applications to complex model-based programs. To improve transparency, we also create Windows-based vehicle diagnostic software and service programs under C ++.

The latest software solutions from Wölfle learn on their own and are therefore capable of Al (Artificial Intelligence). This is used, for example, in our climate model to achieve the optimum temperature in the vehicle.

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Software and CAN-BUS Vehicle electronics

In addition to the onboard bus systems such as SPI (Serial Pheripheral Interface) or I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit), which is mainly used to connect peripheral devices to the control units, our customers use a CAN for networking several control units with each other in the vehicle electronics -Bus (Controller Area Network) and/or a LIN-Bus (Local Interconnect Network) are used. Of course, we design the hardware accordingly and on the software side support the common ISO/OSI protocols for the CAN bus. With the common development environments and various tools, such as the Vector CANalyzer or the Vector CANoe, we can also provide active support during commissioning on the vehicle and error analyses. Let us advise you and buy your vehicle electronics bus system from the experts.

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