Display and control units compact, intuitive and practical

From simple handhelds to complex control stations - when developing control units, Wölfle can respond to every customer requirement through precise planning and implementation. We are always looking for new and innovative solutions to make it as easy to use as possible. This creates intelligent control units that are safe to operate at all times and that are pleasant to the touch.


    agricultural data bus applications

  • LVDS

    High speed data transfer

  • 100%

    FireCAN capable

  • Compact.Intuitive.Robust

    Our solutions

Control keyboard

  • ISOBUS (agricultural standard protocol for CAN bus)
  • Membrane keyboard with function and background lighting
  • Integrated CAN control unit
  • Extreme resistance to environmental influences

Control station

  • Extremely robust and durable, high water resistance
  • Fully functional and with back-lighting
  • Membrane keyboard using Light Guide technology with search rings
  • Safety-related functions according to EN13849-1 PL c and d

Operating unit with control unit

  • Integrated control unit
  • Automotive CAN for controlling the VW engine
  • FireCAN capable
  • Aluminium housing and coating

Control unit

  • Control panel series with handheld, driver cab control unit and control stations (short/long)
  • Operation via large buttons (30x30mm) for extreme stress conditions
  • Large injection moulded housing (1m) in RAL 3000 (fire brigade red)
  • Each operating membrane is individually printed
  • Modular structure for variable use

TFT display

  •  Windows® Embedded CE
  •  Integrated 16-bit control unit
  •  Standardised front end with LVDS interface
  •  Bootloader and Diagnostics

Control unit

  • Can be individually printed and combined
  • Fully functional and with back-lighting
  • Configuration and diagnosis using your own Windows® software

CAN input module

  • Aluminium screen
  • Short-stroke switch with individual labelling
  • CAN bus capable

LCD display

  • Customised LCD
  • With LED back-lighting and high luminosity
  • Aluminium cover with fully anti-reflective glass

Display and control units Modern, intelligent, to customer requirements

At the customer's request, we develop and manufacture intelligent, reliable and tactile control units:

  • Short-stroke keyboards with front membrane and optional night design (fully illuminated)
  • Membrane keyboard with optional EL backlighting
  • With specially painted and lasered front panels for functional lighting and backlighting
  • With integrated display
  • Wireless operating units (handhelds)
  • Transmitter devices such as transmitter handles (joysticks)



From simple indicator lights to modern touch TFTs - displays must give vehicle drivers a reliable overview of the functions in their vehicle or machine at all times. Almost anything is possible here during development. All display types are designed for extreme applications with very high or low temperatures as well as extreme shock and vibration stress. They can also withstand above-average external light sources that require a high degree of adaptability. In this way we create an optimal result. Your requirements and needs are our benchmark.

Depending on the customer's requirements, we can also manufacture the following displays:

  • LED technology (Light Emitting Diode)
  • 7/13 segment display
  • Alphanumeric dot matrix display
  • Monochrome graphic display
  • VFD-Display (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
  • LCD-Display (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • OLED-Display (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
  • TFT-Display (Thin Film Transistor)

In addition, we expand the graphic displays with touch functions, special backlighting or adapt them for you with individual customer designs. The displays are available with their own hardware and software components as well as with various embedded solutions such as Windows CE.

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