Handover of certificates to the trainees The company congratulates

Five young men and women received their training certificates on 14 July 2020 and have since been allowed to call themselves Machine and System Operators, Industrial Clerks and Warehouse Logistics Specialists.

Congratulations to Shaqir Brojaj - 2 years of training as Machine and System Operators, Fabian Hornung and Lukas Niepel - 3 years of training as Industrial Clerks, Florian Münz and Jessica Bauknecht - 3 years of training as Warehouse Logistics Specialists. All of the young wolves will stay with us, with the exception of Fabian Hornung and Lukas Niepel, who want to continue their training.

We are particularly proud of the achievements of Jessica Bauknecht. Awarded with an average grade of 1.5 and the additional qualification achieved in international business administration, we are very pleased to have Jessica on our team.