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The Wölfle company has been dealing with the topic of E-mobility for years and is already working with many OEMs as research and system partners on the vehicles of tomorrow - and their energy efficiency.

Thanks to constant further development of the known technologies, Wölfle has been able to successfully implement a multi-circuit liquid system with a reversing heat pump in addition to various component cooling systems with mathematical climate models. Thanks to the combined expertise in the area of HV/AC and the model-based control, we are able to implement even the most demanding solutions up to holistic thermal management.



  • FENDT heat pump

    "NOMINATION" Traktor of the year 2019

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  • Mathematical ­energy model

    Thermal management

  • 850 VDC

    High voltage

Electric heat pump The principle

Pretty much every household has at least one refrigerator. This generates cold inside, while escaping energy is transported into the living space in the form of heat. The same principle applies to thermal management - by means of controllable coolant pumps and valves, heat and cold are absorbed where they occur and transported to where they are needed. With regulated air circulation and targeted use of waste heat, the cooling and heating requirements are also reduced.

New thermal management results from multiple benefits - energy can be sensibly divided and used. As an example, heat is released when the electric motor is supplied - braking energy is converted into electricity and fed into the battery, while the battery must be cooled at the same time in order to maintain an optimal temperature mode.

Electric heat pump Challenge and solution

Wölfle's approach here takes the path of empirical determination and deliberately tries to incorporate practice alongside pure theory.

Experience shows that a theoretical approach should be taken, but this often closes other avenues. Especially in the case of topics that are still unknown, not all implications and impact are immediately clear and open to the public.

For users who are confronted with this complex subject of Thermal Management for the first time, the practical approach is much more tangible than the dry theory.

Electric heat pump Practical example

The Future Farm - this is the motto under which Fendt presents its e100 Vario electric tractor. Sustainability and efficiency play a major role in many industries, including fruit, wine and special crops, where the electric tractor is mainly used. But also in conventional agriculture, the electric tractor is virtually predestined with regard to the possibilities for renewable energies. Using our centrepiece, the heat pump, the tractor manages to work very economically and future-oriented with low energy costs. The thermal management from Wölfle takes over the air conditioning of the driver cab, battery and electronics. Thus, not only sustainable, but also comfortable work is possible.


  • Refrigeration circuit with double chiller (liquid heat exchanger)
  • Hot and cold water side for optimal temperature control
  • Change of pumping direction on the water side
  • Thermal management control for the entire vehicle


  • Agricultural machinery: Tractors

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