Dr. Peter Geigle, ­Authorised Signatory Technology is my life

At the age of 13, little Peter made his old SW television remote-controllable using his C64 computer. From that moment it was clear to at least my parents that training as an electronics technician was appropriate. As with many, school wasn't really my thing, so a training seemed like the right thing to do. From today's perspective - right on the money.

  • 100%

    Enthusiastic about technology

  • Studium E-Technik

    successfully completed

  • Prokurist

    for 10 years

  • Seit 2008

    at Wölfle

  • Akademischer Grad

    Master and Doctor

  • Allrounder

    and team player

After my training at DB, I switched to my first employer, the Mayser company in Ulm. Here I was initially all over Europe on installation and start-up for various customers. Trade fair construction was also always on the agenda.

After three years in the job, I decided to start studying Electrical Engineering parallel to my work at Mayser, which I also successfully completed. During this time I was already working in Development and carried out numerous projects.

While at Mayser, I also did my military service at THW. Here, too, I had a lot of contact with technology and was able to complete my service at home and abroad on various assignments.

At the beginning of 2008, after 10 years at Mayser, I switched to Wölfle as Head of Electronics Development. I had already supported this position at Mayser for several years and was able to start immediately with a lot of vigour. Shaped by the economic crisis and the restructuring at Wölfle, I took up my current position on the Management Board at the beginning of 2010, which I have held since then.

During this time we have made a lot of difference together and achieved quite a bit. The company is growing, we have tapped into new customers and new markets. It is worth looking back and when we look back on what we have achieved, we can all be very proud.

Standing still is always difficult for me. Anyone who knows me knows that as soon as a phase occurs in which I have no challenge, be it professionally or privately, I look for a new task again. That's what happened in 2014. After my hobby photography was somehow exhausted, I got it into my head to go back to school and did my master's and doctor's degree in the so-called Fast Track. Let's see what else will the future bring. I have enough ideas.

I've seen a lot professionally and I'm ready to face the next 25 years as motivated as the first. I am very proud to be here in the Wolf Pack. I feel good here and I still have a lot of fun every day.