Girls Day 2021 Technology is only reserved for men only? - We don't think so!

On 22.04.2021, we will start the next round of Girls' Day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the Day will take place in a digital setting. All you need is internet access. We'll take care of the rest
Under the motto “Technology is reserved for men only? - We don't think so! Girls from the 6th grade onwards are asked to prove their technical skills.
B2769 The participants get an insight into the technical training at the Wölfle company.
What else can you look forward to?

- Get to know the company during an exciting digital company tour via video chat
- Find out everything about our apprenticeships and dual courses of study.
- Receive first-hand information from our trainees
- And last but not least, put your technical skills to the test by producing your own workpiece! We will send all the materials you need to your home

Sounds good? Then register at:
We look forward to seeing you!