Protection ventilation

made by Wölfle for your driver's cab

Our protection ventilation systems for driver's cabs can be used in areas subject to all kinds of contamination:

  • Dust of all types (including dust contaminated by radiation or containing asbestos)
  • Spores, fungi and bacteria
  • Insecticides
  • Gases and vapours
  • Sooty particles and particulate material

Our scope of delivery for protection ventilation systems covers everything that is required by German civil engineering regulation BGI/581 (display elements, self-contained breathing apparatus, green lights on roof, etc.). Protection ventilation equipment for off highway cabs generally contains an activated carbon filter plus an additional preliminary filter so that dust can be removed even if the activated carbon filter is taken out.

Wölfle driver's cab protection ventilation provides machinery operators with optimum protection at waste disposal sites and composting plants, as well as during renovation work. The preliminary filter and low air quantity keep operating costs low and ensure a long filter service life (video).