Heating and air conditioning systems

made by Wölfle for your off highway cab

Creating the right climate in the vehicle is essential for ensuring that drivers can maintain the concentration they need. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in both operation and safety.

Wölfle offers design and validation services for entire refrigeration circuits, plus solutions for optimising air distribution in the vehicle interior.

Depending on the customer's requirements, Wölfle can design entire air conditioning systems or supply air conditioning units that are perfectly matched to the system. And when it comes to operating concepts, we also offer our self-developed regulation and control systems for refrigeration and heating circuits.

Wölfle development work and services:

  • Dimensioning and design
    • Heat output and cooling load calculation
    • Refrigeration circuit design (condenser, compressor, etc.)
  • Design and construction
    • Development of heating and air conditioning systems as well as condenser units
  • Air flow routing and air conditioning
    • Calculation of flow conditions
    • Air distribution analyses
  • Regulation function and control concept design
    • Operating methods and functions of heating and air conditioning systems
    • Setting out functional specifications
    • Defining automatic modes (defrosting and defogging mode)
  • Creating documentation and maintenance instructions
  • Conducting training sessions on air conditioning