Electric heating systems

made by Wölfle for your driver's cab

Logistics operators in refrigerated warehouses and goods depots can only be expected to work safely and accurately if their cabs afford them the right level of comfort.

Here at Wölfle, we develop top-quality electric heating systems specifically for electric industrial trucks and lifting vehicles and manufacture them in series, with the right fire resistance levels and outlet temperatures.

Wölfle development work and services:

  • Dimensioning and design
    • Heat output calculation
  • Design and construction
    • Electric heating system development
  • Air flow routing and air conditioning
    • Calculation of flow conditions
    • Air distribution analyses
  • Regulation function and control concept design
    • Operating methods and functions of heating systems
    • Setting out functional specifications
    • Defining automatic modes (defrosting and defogging mode)
  • Creating documentation and maintenance instructions
  • Conducting training sessions on air conditioning

Wölfle is your destination for all your driver's cab electric heating system needs. Ask us about the product you're looking for right now and we will be happy to advise.