Dust filter systems

A Wölfle dust filter system represents an inexpensive yet effective solution for dusty applications and anywhere that unpleasant odours occur, such as demolition work, road construction, agriculture, composting plants and renovation work.

Using a dust filter system in the off highway cab is an appropriate choice over a protection ventilation system if trade associations and supervisory authorities do not require any special protective equipment for dust and odours. If substances that are hazardous to health are in the environment, however, then a protection ventilation system is a must.

Technical features of dust filter systems in off highway cabs

The dust filter unit operates with two filter levels according to the principle of a pressurised cab. The air that is absorbed is pre-treated by a multicyclone pre-filter to remove 85 to 90% of coarse particles.

The air is then cleaned by a fine dust filter cartridge that meets the criteria of particle filter classification H13 according to DIN EN1822 and features a bag design. With its exceptionally large surface area, this filter offers an excellent service life and retains the very last fine particles (up to 99.95%). As a result, the cab is sealed in such a way that the low level of excess pressure (shown in the cab) prevents the ingress of dust.

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