Creating air conditioning systems in off highway cabs is one of the most complex tasks in the field of vehicle development.

The temperature, insolation levels and operating conditions are all in a constant state of change during work, which means that vehicle air conditioning systems have to respond quickly and flexibly to maintain a consistent level of comfort for the driver – in other words, stopping them from freezing if the outside temperature suddenly plummets and perspiring when it starts to rise again.

Climate regulation and control technology

Wölfle offers exactly the right operating concept to meet each customer's needs, as well as suitable regulation and control technology for off highway cabs. Our range covers everything from standard, manual control systems all the way through to model-based climate regulation in car-type off highway cabs.

Wölfle development work and services:

  • Control and regulation technology
    • Manual control
    • Automatic regulation using sensors or climate models
  • Operating concepts
    • Manual control
    • Electronic regulation