Control and operating consoles

What makes a good control and operating console in a vehicle electrics system? Optimum functionality, perfectly designed ergonomics, user-friendliness and an appealing look.

Wölfle's control consoles and instrument panels are integrated into the vehicle concept with the aim of creating a holistic cab design and ensuring the driver can work in maximum comfort.

Creating this level of comfort isn't just a question of how the instruments and displays are arranged, however: it's also crucial that the driver can read them even in dark conditions or strong sunshine.

When designing and developing our operating concepts, it goes without saying that we also consider criteria such as longevity and resistance to environmental conditions that prevail in the customer's specific application. What's more, we ensure that the components and parts we use offer maximum visual appeal and are as pleasant to the touch as possible.

To achieve all this, at Wölfle we make use of the very latest technology and components for your operating and control consoles.