Cable assembly

Cable systems in vehicles are becoming an increasingly important element in controlling vehicle components and ensuring passenger comfort. Optimised connections and connectivity are what they require to achieve this.

Vehicle cables from Wölfle


Here at Wölfle, we provide the right cabling for anything that needs to be linked up, and use the very latest processes and manufacturing technology to do this. With us, you'll find everything you require for the functions and control systems in your vehicle as a whole and in its individual modules and components.

Our project team, drawn from specialists in development and design, is at your disposal to deliver everything your customised product solution needs, from planning right through to series manufacturing of cable assemblies for your driver's cab.

Our development work and services include:


  • Development and design (plus optimised installation)
  • Creating documentation (circuit diagrams, lists of materials, CAD drawings)
  • Prototype and sample construction, as well as series manufacturing




  • Vehicle cables
  • System cables
  • Special cables
  • Data cables
  • Battery cables

Plug leads


  • Standard and sealed

Protection systems


  • Fabric tape
  • Insulating tubing
  • Corrugated pipes
  • Heat-shrinkable sleeves
  • Braided yarn
  • Braided sleeves

Manufacturing processes:


  • Table and cable board manufacturing
  • Fully automatic machines
  • Automatic twisting machines
  • Ultrasonic splicing technology
  • Plug and cable printing
  • Yarn knitting machine