Operator's platforms

Creating an operator's platform is one of the most complex tasks in the automotive industry. Systems provided for drivers have to incorporate aspects of ergonomics, surface feel and functionality, and all within a very tight space.

Given the broad range of requirements relating to design, technology and customer specifications, cabs come in all shapes and sizes. To accommodate this, we offer the widest possible choice of materials as well as design and manufacturing technology.

We also use simulation software to dimension and calculate parts, components and full systems. Combining the very latest technology with our experience and expertise in every area allows us to identify potential areas for optimisation, as early as the design stage of the operator's platform.

What we use:

  • Steel profile frame design
  • Light-gauge steel construction using FGS (high-strength fine-grained steel)
  • Lightweight construction using aluminium
  • Composite construction/space frames
  • Cladding components (such as glass fibre-reinforced plastic, EPP, and deep-drawn, rotating and injection-moulded parts)
  • HV/AC, operating panels, on-board supply systems
  • Electrics and electronics components