Complete cabs

Our complete cabs incorporate every product area offered by Wölfle and showcase the final stage in bringing together our self-developed and self-manufactured components.

Wölfle combines the synergy effects in its systems with years of experience to create a process chain that is completely unique. From design to development, to prototype construction for all components and all the way through to fully tested and plug & play off highway cabs, Wölfle provides a one-stop shop for every element of your solution.

Here at Wölfle, we integrate perfectly matched components and systems into off highway cabs in a way that ensures they work as efficiently as possible. As part of this process, we even incorporate what we have discovered from studies into ergonomics.

With our complete solutions for cab assembly, we offer you a one-stop shop and you'll find a single, highly flexible partner from the development stage all the way through to production – a particular benefit in the event that changes or adjustments need to be made to a system quickly.

Wölfle development work and services:

  • Creating design concepts of all kinds
  • Cab development and design
  • Dimensioning and designing cab shells, HV/AC systems, cable sets, on-board supply systems, displays, vehicle electronics, central electrics, steering columns and joysticks
  • Mock-ups and prototype construction
  • Creating documentation and maintenance instructions
  • Conducting training sessions