We are innovation

Our principle

The business objectives of Wölfle are based on a high degree of mutual respect to each other and to our partners.

Common corporate responsibility and the commitment of all employees are also an essential part of our mission statement. We commit ourselves, to comply with agreed manners which are associated with all of these factors. 

Our corporate goals

  • Making profit and sustainable growth
  • Achieve a leadership in innovation and technology
  • Development of flexible and complete product solutions
  • Occur as an attractive employer

Our values

  • Appreciation
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty and trust
  • Motivation and commitment

Motivation for the Mission Statement of Wölfle GmbH

In addition to our innovative products, other factors like strategies and processes are of high importance for the success of our company. Also the development of our corporate culture plays an important role, to be successful by total conviction!