Enviromental protection at Wölfle

Wölfle understands enviromental protection as a challenge and establishes uniform and high standards at all sites.

The eco-friendly orientation is a tradition at Wölfle and also a corporate principle.  We contribute with our products and systems for mobile applications to reduce enviromental pollution and to conserve resources.

Wölfle is committed to implement these principles for all sites at daily work. These include the avoidance of all emissions and the recycling of materials. Whether dust, sewage or carbon dioxide, we are constantly investing in modern production processes to reduce environmental emissions.

Including in detail:

  • a complete recycling system
  • a biotope for rain water
  • a solar system

The integrated environmental management system of Wölfle unifies all environmental actions and approaches.

We strive for continuous improvement in environmental protection and set new annual goals. Wölfle sees environmental protection as a competitive factor and as a social obligation for next generations.

Solar System